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Name: Bettina Seidman
CCC Role: Past President
NY - Manhattan
Practice Locations: Manhattan and Long Distance by Telephone

Phone: (212) 260-2026

Career Assessment/Identifying 'Best Fit' Career
Job Search: Strategy/Networking/Interviewing
Changing Careers/Fields
Salary Negotiation
Work/Life Balance
Self Employment
Age/Gender/Race/Disability Issues

Counseling Specialties:

Career Assessment - 'Best Fit'
Job Change/Career Change

Development/Editing of Resumes
Strategic Networking
Boot Camp Interviewing
Salary Negotiation
Performance Coaching

HR Consulting

Corporate Training

Counselor Profile:

The economy is beginning to show some welcome signs of recovery.  Consumer confidence is up.  Many of my clients have obtained interviews and offers during the past few weeks. 


This is a good time to focus on moving forward again and to consider reaching out to a career management coach for consultation.


§         Are you unemployed and would you like to take your job search to the next level by seeking expert advice?


§         Do you know a new college graduate who could benefit from career coaching during their job search?


§         Are you thinking about moving up in your firm?


§         Do you want to raise your profile in your profession or your industry?


§         Are you considering changing careers?


I am an experienced results-oriented career management coach, working with private clients for over 18 years.  My previous business experience includes 20 years in human resources management so I know the employment arena from both sides of the desk.  I have also taught career-related courses and human resources courses at the college level.  I am a recent past president of this organization, Career Counselors Consortium.

It is very important to me to help clients achieve their goals and raise their profiles in order to stand out in their fields whether they want to continue working for the same company or make a change in their employment.  I partner my clients, helping them change careers, change jobs, or improve their performance on the job.  Would you benefit from working with an experienced coach to support your professional or business development?  What would you like to accomplish during the next year?   

Career Change:  This is all about “best fit” and defining your focus – I use assessment instruments that may include values, skills, accomplishments, interests, and personality type (Myers Briggs).  Then we move into Job Search mode (in accordance with your targets in the corporate or nonprofit sector).

Job Search:  Resume development/edit, in-depth discussion of job search techniques (including emphasis on networking), “boot camp” strategic interviewing, and negotiating - I work with clients in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Performance Coaching/Executive Coaching:  Executive or business coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the US with some estimating the growth rate to be around 40%. I coach clients on improving business effectiveness, becoming oriented to a new company (onboarding), navigating change, and fostering a safe environment to have “courageous conversations.”   We can work on performance improvement (on a short-term or ongoing basis) including change management, office politics, promotions and salary increases, performance evaluations, or conflict resolution.  

The job that was great last year may have lost its luster.  What might not have been a good job for you at one time, may now be a good fit.  This is the time to figure that out.  What aspects of your work give you satisfaction?  What aspects demoralize you?  Has anything changed?  What is most important to you and where you are compromising?  Sometimes, lack of job satisfaction is the result of one small thing that takes on disproportionate significance and can be fixed.   Consider working with me on an analysis of your goals and gaps or your joys and problems at work.

Individuals who engage in coaching relationships can expect to gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision making skills, and interpersonal effectiveness as well as increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work roles.  They can also expect to see results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and achievement of personal goals.

Second Careers for Athletes/Dancers/Actors - During 2008, I designed a special new progam to help athletes, dancers, and actors move successfully into new jobs or careers.  Feel free to contact me to learn more about this program.

ADD Clients - After working with some clients with ADHD over the past 3 years, I began to read extensively about ADD and have developed a process to work with ADD clients on job change and career change.  In October 2008, I conducted a pro bono presentation for MAADDSG in Manhattan.

I founded SEIDBET Associates in 1990 and work with executives, managers, professionals, and new college graduates.  I work with clients in financial services, law, human resources, marketing, education, communications, information technology, retailing, and consulting.  I also work with clients in the nonprofit sector, including healthcare and advocacy.  My experience also includes working with major outplacement consulting firms.  I am very interested in working with more mid-career adults, and my program is called ENCORES for Baby Boomers.

I am a “full service” (soup to nuts) career counselor and have experience in all types of career services.  My own business site is:

Workshops - I frequently present workshops in Manhattan and I've scheduled workshops for 2009 on the subjects of Job Search for Professionals Over 40, Sector Change from Corporate to NonProfit, and What is Your Greatest Weakness & Other Tough Interview Questions.  Email me for specific details.

I am frequently interviewed by newspapers and magazines on job and career topics, I write a free monthly newsletter, present workshops, and appear as a speaker and panelist.  My reputation as a career management coach is "fun to work with.”    In November 2008, I blogged for The New York Times responding to questions on career change and during October 2008, an article was published in The New York Post @Work Section describing how I helped a client make a very successful career change.  In March 2008, I conducted a presentation on negotiation for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute in DC and was subsequently interviewed on the subject for  In 2009, I was interviewed and quoted by The Wall Street Journal and Reader's Digest.  Feel free to email me at to receive links to these articles and presentations.

Academic background includes BA in Psychology, MBA in Industrial Psychology, and Certificate in Labor Relations (which makes me very strong on negotiation skills). 

So, you’re a smart ‘New York Professional’ - you may have a tax accountant, a technology consultant, a financial planner, a personal trainer, and a lawyer.  Who's your career coach?   I hope it will be me.

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