The Career Counselors Consortium and the members are dedicated to improving the work life of people everywhere. The Consortium was founded in 1997 and our mission is to help individuals move forward in their career and professional life.

The current group of Officers, Directors and Council Chairs:

Barbara Frankel, M.S., CSW, CMF - President
Ruth Shapiro , LMHC - Vice President
Karen Palevsky, M.A. - Secretary
Beverly Daniel, M.S., M.B.A. - Treasurer

John Hotard, PhD., - Director
Eileen Sharaga, M.A. - Director

Judith Gerberg, M.A., LMHC - Past President
Bettina Seidman, M.B.A. - Past President
Mark Carsman, PhD., - Past President
David Rottman, M.A. - Founder & Past President


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The Career Counselors Consortium services are limited to that of an information and referral resource.
All business transactions will be between a client and their selected counselor and not the Consortium.